Other Services (Toronto Maid & Janitorial Service Recommendations)

Is your "to do list" out of control? Let our handyman help relieve the stress. Michael Thompson can handle all those annoying things that are driving you crazy. Michael does:

  • Plumbing
  • Electrical Work
  • Carpentry
  • Painting
  • Drywall Repairs
    ...and just about anything around the inside and outside of your home.
Feedback from our customers who have used Michael's services are overwhelmingly positive. For more information or to speak with Michael, call us at (416)429-3892.

Rug / Upholstery Cleaning
Tony has been in the business for 17 years now and is available to clean rugs and upholstery for our clients. He provides high quality, detailed work at reasonable prices. You can book you appointment through Toronto Maid at (416)429-3892.

Organizing Services
Kaos Group provides professional organizing services for homes and office's, training, and business development solutions. While possessing a keen understanding for organizational processes as well as having an honest interest in fulfilling the developmental needs of its customers, Kaos Group helps you clear the clutter, manage your time, grow your business, and enjoy your life.
The Kaos Group divisions include:

  • The Residential Organizing Division creates effective, efficient household management processes and maximizes the use of closets and storage spaces.
  • The Professional Organizing Division supports home-based businesses, entrepreneurs, and companies of all types build successful companies through core organizational structure and programs focused on practical, proven business systems that help your grow your business.
  • The Business Development Division helps companies grow their business through the use of proven and practical systems that create more effective processes, people and teams.
  • Organized Lifestyles Division offers seven organizational tools for the home and office, that you can buy on line, to keep your chaos calm and a free Organized Lifestyles newsletter that inspires people to maintain healthy organizational systems for their Home, Office, Time, and Spirit.
  • Whether it's a residential client, a business client or both, Kaos Group works with each to assess the 3P's - priorities, preferences and problems, and creates a manageable system that suits each. Visit www.kaosgroup.ca for more details.

Dog Care
Libby's Retreat is run by Karen and Brian Malone. Their home is located in the centre of East York. Your dog will have free rein of their home and fenced back yard. Whether for a day, week or for the weekend, Karen and Brian are available to take care of your dog and help him or her feel as if they never left home. Brian and Karen's background with animals as well as their love of dogs makes this the perfect place to leave your pet. They also offer dog walking, vet visits and play visits.
The Malone's can be reached at (416)422-0791 or through their e-mail brian@libbysretreat.ca or through TMJS at (416)429-3892. Visit their web site www.libbysretreat.ca

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